Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2025

Dutch Bros Stock Price Prediction 2025

What is Dutch Bros Stock?

  • Operating in the coffee industry can be challenging. Dutch Bros competes with several independently owned coffee shops, cafes, huge national chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, and more across the United States. Given that Starbucks originated in Seattle, the success of Dutch Bros on the West Coast is undoubtedly much more remarkable.
  • However, Dutch Bros has progressively grown their business and now has 471 stores spread across 11 states in the United States. Its drive-thru business concept, which sells vibrant beverage items like espresso-based drinks, energy drinks, and smoothies, is built on speed and convenience.
  • The business has consistently reported rising same-store sales over the previous 14 years. In its first five months after launching a rewards programme this year, it attracted 3 million members. The average rating for its smartphone app across 249,000 reviews is 4.9 stars.

Dutch Bros Stock IPO

Starbucks, a chain of coffee shops, has one of the best stock returns of all time, with cumulative gains exceeding 41,000% since its IPO. Dutch Bros (BROS -7.22%), a brand-new coffee business from the West Coast, recently went public.

Investors anticipate long-term success akin to what Starbucks stockholders have enjoyed after the stock nearly doubled in value in its first month of trade.

Keep This In Mind If Planning To Invest

Investors should exercise patience with the company, though, as it will be difficult to become the “new Starbucks” given its small footprint of just 11 states. It is not guaranteed that it will succeed in new markets where there is still severe competition and potential for various consumer tastes.

With so much opportunity for an increasing shop count, I can see the elements for success, and I can also see the path to expansion in front of it. Investors who can handle the volatility of a newly listed stock might think about Dutch Bros as an intriguing and perhaps lucrative long term investment.


What Does The Market Say?

  • Dutch Bros. is prepared for a new growth phase as a public company by becoming profitable and optimising the way the firm runs. Dutch Bros. has greater room to grow thanks to the public markets, which provide companies with an injection of capital to assist pay for growth.
  • Although Dutch Bros presently only has 471 stores, management has set a long-term objective to increase this number to at least 4,000 stores.
  • The company spends approximately $1.35 million to build a new location, and management has observed a cash-on-cash rate of return of 35%-75% after two years of opening, indicating that it is recovering a significant amount of the money invested in opening its new location.

Company background 

  • in 2017, where it only puts up company-owned locations, it restricted franchises to persons who rose through the ranks of the company over time.
  • Currently, the firm controls 182 of its stores, but as it moves forward, it will open largely company-owned stores, so eventually, it will own the vast majority of its store count. .
  • Dutch Bros has been reporting positive net income since 2018 and is already profitable operating in this manner.
  • In 2019, its net profit margin was close to 12%, and it spends a low-single-digit percentage of its revenue on advertising to capitalise on positive word-of-mouth among its clientele. Due to $35 million in non-cash items, it experienced a net income decline from $28 million in 2019 to $6 million
  • in 2020; nonetheless, the business model itself is lucrative. Over the upcoming quarters, investors should expect net income to increase along with revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Outstanding Shares Does Bros Have?

Dutch Bros has 163.70 million shares outstanding.



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