Dwayne Johnson Could Face A Predator


It would be interesting to see Dwayne Johnson take on a Predator squarely in the cinema and that’s something that could happen.

Both Alien and Predator are beloved franchises that do not quite have the expected success when they release a movie. Now there is a lot of information about reboots, Disney + series, or new installments of both monsters and the alien hunter of humans could face Dwayne Johnson. Something that would certainly be epic.

Dwayne Johnson’s career has certain similarities to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, as they both triumphed with action, science fiction, and comedy, being very muscular tough guys. But now they could be united by the Predator franchise.

They want to make this science fiction saga fashionable again.

The new information ensures that Dwayne Johnson wants to participate in a Predator movie, but it would not be the one that has been officially announced to be directed by Dan Trachtenberg, responsible for 10 Cloverfield Street (2016) and episodes of The Boys from Amazon and Black Mirror from Netflix. Since in this story they want to make a sequel to Predators (2010) and Adrien Brody could repeat as Royce accompanied by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch.

Therefore, Dwayne Johnson does not fit here and his project would be a restart of the saga, it could also have a different tone than we are used to with the franchise. Especially to adjust more to the movies that “The Rock” usually does. Although for now, it seems unlikely that this idea will succeed, simply because the actor’s agenda is full. Since he will soon premiere Netflix’s Red Notice, Disney’s Jungle Cruise, and the Young Rock series that is about himself when he was young.

Would you like Dwayne Johnson to face a Predator?


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