El Salvador making all possible efforts to be the future of bitcoin

Eric Grill sits on a multicoloured patio with house walls that obscure his voice in the rush of nearby tropical birds, revealing the future of bitcoin in El Salvador. Grill, a blue-eyed American with short dark hair, is only mildly upset. “This place is like a jungle,” he said. “It took some getting used to, but I was only here for a month and I’m here long distance.”

Grill rejected President Nayib Bukele’s announcement at the Miami-based bitcoin conference a few weeks ago that El Salvador would adopt Bitcoin as legal tender as a form of political retaliation. Grill packed his belongings and travelled to Central America on June 9, when a law enacted Bukele’s promise. The mood is upbeat, despite the fact that the internet is slow and the house is hot.

Chainbytes CEO Grill has decided to relocate production from China to the United States. Chainbytes is a company that manufactures Bitcoin ATM machinery that converts dollars into crypto-currency and vice versa. “We’ve had a lot of issues with China in shipping. However, we intend to keep many of them in this location.” He anticipates that demand for El Salvador’s machines will increase when the Bitcoin legislation goes into effect on September 7, and that several local banks have already received inquiries.

Source: Fox Business

Bukele’s Bitcoin Law has been met with scepticism and concern by virtually every financial institution on the planet, beginning with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Bitcoin’s volatility has been slammed as a recipe for financial disaster, as evidenced by its drop to around $30,000 (£21,000) this week after reaching a high of $65,000 in April. Citizens can pay taxes in a currency that can depreciate in hours, draining government coffers unexpectedly.

Chances of Speculation

El Salvador’s government’s trustworthiness should be eroded. Anti-corruption experts are concerned that a recently announced governmental trust fund will be used by local and foreign gangs to exchange doubtful dollars for bitcoin, El Salvador’s other currency, in order to guarantee convertibility. However, one group enthusiastically supported the Bukele initiative: the Bitcoin community.

Bukele, 39 years old, has always been the physique du role for the laser-eye brigade: young, bare, brash, or smoothly in memes. Since his announcement in Miami, he has become a regular on Bitcoin podcasts and cryptoconfabrics of Clubhouse English. 

He deftly launched subsequent public relations coups, announcing that anyone willing to invest three Bitcoins in El Salvador (approximately $100,000 today) would be granted permanent residence immediately. During the Chinese crypto-currency crackdown, Bukele promoted volcanoes across the country as ideal locations for bitcoin miners seeking cheap geothermal energy. El Salvador’s flag was targeted, and many Bitcoin entrepreneurs now have volcano emojis in their Twitter bios alongside the El Salvador flag.

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