Ellen Page Is Now Elliot Page

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 08: Ellen Page attends the "There's Something In The Water" premiere during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at The Elgin on September 08, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

The star of The Umbrella Academy, Ellen Page, announces that it is transgender in an open letter, writing: “I love being trans. And I love being queer. “

The star of The Umbrella Academy, Ellen Page, has announced that it is transgender in an open letter via Twitter and asked to be called from now Elliot Page. The Oscar-nominated actor first showed his talents in the 2005 film Hard Candy, playing a teenage girl who suspects a man is kidnapping underage girls and struggles to prove it. Page was nominated for an Oscar for Juno in 2007, in which he played a high school student who is faced with an unwanted pregnancy and needs to decide what to do with the baby.

Elliot Page has been one of the stars of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, in which he plays Vanya Hargreeves, the most powerful of the Hargreeves sisters. In the first season of the adaptation of the comic series created by Gerard Way and Gabriel BáLa, the family tries to stop the apocalypse, but they learn too late that it was Vanya who caused it. In season 2, the Hargreeves brothers are sent back in time when they escape certain death by traveling back to the 1960s, but the apocalypse seems to haunt the brothers who will have to try again to save the world. A third season is already confirmed and it will be necessary to see how the writers adapt to Ellen Page’s coming out of the closet announcing that she is trans.

Page in the open letter on Twitter declares himself transgender and confirms that his pronouns are he/they. In the letter, she writes: “I love being trans. And I love being queer. ” “I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have come to this place in my life, ” wrote the actor, formerly known publicly as Ellen Page, on Twitter. “I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me throughout this journey. I can’t begin to express how extraordinary it is to feel to finally love who I am, enough to pursue my authentic self.”

In his letter, Page said he was “inspired” by the trans community and thanked them for “working tirelessly to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place.” He also asked for patience and wrote “My joy is real, but also fragile. The truth is, despite feeling deeply happy at this moment and knowing how privileged I am, I am also afraid. I am afraid of invasiveness, hatred, ‘jokes’ and violence ”. Page concluded the letter by sending a message to the trans community “To all trans people who face harassment, self-loathing, abuse and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better, ” Page concluded.

Following the publication of the letter, GLAAD endorsed the 33-year-old actor.

“Elliot Page has given us fantastic characters on screen and has been an outspoken advocate for all LGBTQ people, ” said Nick Adams, GLAAD’s director of transgender media, in a statement. “Now she will be an inspiration to countless trans and non-binary people. All transgender people deserve the opportunity to be themselves and be accepted for who we are. Today we celebrate the remarkable Elliot Page. ”

The official Netflix account on Twitter also showed its support for the actor and expressed excitement about his change for the 3rd season of The Umbrella Academy. On the other hand, The Umbrella Academy co-star Justin H. Min also replied on Twitter, “Welcome to the family, Elliot,” along with a heart emoji.

As of now, it’s unclear if Elliot Page’s own experiences will be incorporated into the next season of The Umbrella Academy. Vanya’s sexuality has never been explicitly discussed; in season 1 she dated Leonard (John Magaro) and in season 2 she had a relationship with Sissy (Marin Ireland). Given the lack of trans representation on the television landscape, there is certainly room for a trans narrative at The Umbrella Academy, but whether that happens remains to be seen. The Umbrella Academy season 3 is expected to begin filming early next year, so more information about Vanya’s future may be revealed.


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