Eminem’s Death Rumors Debunked, Know Here


It seems like another bizarre event will be added to the list of strange things to happen in 2020. On Tuesday, a hashtag went viral, which rose concern among Twitter users. RIP Eminem was trending, and there is no particular explanation for that. Continue reading to find out more details.

#RIPEminem goes viral

This week #RIPEminem became a hot and trending topic on Twitter. The entire hip hop community is shaken after Eminem’s death became the talk of the internet. The hashtag first began trending in the United States.

Currently, the hashtag still is one of the top trends not only on Twitter but also on other social media websites. Nobody knows the reason behind its trending on Twitter. After Eminem‘s death hoax began on Twitter, fans were sad and shocked.

The rumors began about the rapper’s death after one Twitter user posted a disturbing tweet on Twitter. Fans were concerned about whether it was true and not. The Twitter user posted a weird tweet stating that he has killed Eminem. This incident happened on August 18.

Is Eminem dead? What are the recent updates?

The Grammy winner is still breathing and alive. His fans panicked after seeing that post on Twitter. But he is completely fine and hale and hearty. Some worried Twitter users voiced their views for the musician as well. One user said that after seeing the hashtag, she had an emotional breakdown. Some even wrote how someone can be so insensitive to spread fake rumors about a person. You can read a tweet of one of his concerned fans below.

Another user said to stop playing with fans’ emotions and stop mentioning #RIPEminem in their tweet. After realizing that the hashtag was nothing but just a troll, fans became happy, and various memers made numerous jokes about it. Check out the hilarious tweets of users below. 

There are more memes on Twitter. Some fans even wrote if she knew the person who made this hashtag viral, then she would go after him or her. Even XXL Magazine posted about the bizarre tweet trend. You can find the tweet below.

However, neither the American rapper nor his team has issued an official statement about the social media hoax that scared his fans. One good news is that the user’s Twitter account is suspended, who posted about allegedly killing Marshall Mathers.


Eminem recently collaborated with Kid Cudi and released the track named The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady on YouTube last month. You can watch the song below. 

Nobody knows how the hashtag went viral, but this bizarre trend needs to be stopped before it is too late. Technology is a boon, but if users use their social media for wrong purposes and spread fake rumors, then it will destroy the community. Nobody will trust the internet anymore. We will let you know if we get the latest news about this topic. So keep coming back to our website for more updates.



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