Emmerdale: The chronicle of Belle.

Emmerdale: The chronicle of Belle.
Emmerdale: The chronicle of Belle.

How many of us can actually spend our days without spending some time on the television? 

Hardly, a few. 

To be very frank, it is one of the easiest ways to lift up our mood. 

And yes, when we have the best shows and series being featured and produced these days, why to miss them for heaven’s sake. 

Not Right! 

So, dear bevy of beauty and goodness, cheer yourselves up cause today I have brought to you some important announcements about a long-running famous ITV show, Emmerdale.

Since May, the re-transmission of the show streaming on app ITV Hub is making fans go awe over the show.

Emmerdale: The chronicle of Belle.
Emmerdale: The chronicle of Belle.

Curves and Shifts

It has been viewed in the recent episode that the lead Belle Dingle has shockingly betrayed her boyfriend Jamie Tate in the show following the fact that Jamie was keeping the secret of himself being the cause of Moira’s hit and run accident and Belle backed him by her support with an expectation of rekindling their romance. 

But in the episode, she was suddenly seen taking the side of Moira and Cain. However, the reality was that Belle was not the one who unfolded all the secret, it was Jamie’s alienated wife, Andrea, who took her move and uncovered all the story.

The story thus followed, Moira wanted to know, for how long Belle kept helping Jamie to keep the secret hidden. Cain overheard Belle and Jamie’s talks and was in a revengeful mood.

The storyline is turning too hot to be digested!

To know more, catch up with us regularly.

And also, do not forget to share your views with us. Love and Luck to all.


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