Emmerdale’s Tracy to have a rough time in the next week

Courtesy: Daily Star

Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe is expected to be quite worried about her new baby daughter’s health in the next few weeks. Tracy (Amy Walsh) has been left alone to take up the responsibility of her daughter, Frankie, as her partner Nate Robinson (Jurell carter) has been extremely busy with work recently. 

Furthermore, viewers are also bound to experience Nate feeling guilty about not being able to help Tracy in taking care of their daughter. We have already seen that Tracy gives away the voucher for a family shoot to her ex David Metcalfe (played by Matthew Wolfenden) and this tells Nate how disappointed she is by the missed opportunity.

Thus, he insists that he’ll try his best to get the job done and arrive on time to be able to attend the shoot as a family and later, he makes sure to get David’s attention by rushing in before he leaves with the voucher provided by Tracy.

Unfortunately, Nate ends up injuring himself as David runs over his foot accidently whilst he had been chasing David. Nate then cries in agony and Tracy takes the necessary steps of admitting him in the nearby hospital. In the hospital, David makes sure to lighten the mood by showing Tracy a photo of his baby son and himself while they were enjoying in the family shoot wearing matching outfits. He further apologises for having injured Nate in this way!

In the later part of the week, Tracy tried her best to manage stuff without Nate’s help but we do observe that it starts getting too much for her to handle single-handedly.


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