Euphoria: Second Special Episode Premiere Date Revealed.


Euphoria returned with a two-episode special before its second season. After the Rue chapter, it was revealed when we will see the Jules one.

Not long ago, the first of two special episodes of Euphoria hit HBO. Due to COVID-19, the series has not yet been able to fully get to work with its second season. However, he did manage to make two special episodes that fascinated fans. The first, dedicated to Rue, is basically composed of a deep conversation between the character of Zendaya and Ali (Colman Domingo) in a restaurant. The second has Jules as the main protagonist.

Hunter Schafer, the actress who plays this character, shared the poster of the second special episode on her Twitter account and thus revealed that it will arrive on HBO on January 24. Hunter Schafer co-wrote the script with Sam Levinson and is also an executive producer. A huge leap for one of Euphoria’s favorite actresses.

Like the Rue episode, this second chapter of Euphoria will show what Jules was doing right now. At the end of the first season, Jules was getting on a train and Rue relapsing with cocaine. Once again, Sam Levinson gets back behind the scenes of this episode which is titled F*CK Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob.

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A promising second season

At the moment you don’t know much about what will happen in this second season of Euphoria. Colman Domingo recently advanced that “the second season is fantastic. I think it’s really fantastic. But also, Sam values ​​the moment very much, so I wonder if the scripts will remain the same because he wants to respond to the moment in which we are living ” . In their day they explained that a series like Euphoria could not shoot as they would like even with the protocols against COVID, that is why they had not yet fully put themselves to work.


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