Everything you need to know about Dora the Explorer Season 2

Courtesy: Prime Video

Anyone who had either been a preschooler or a parent to the same between the period of 2000 and 2019 would definitely be familiar with the adventure-seeking escapades of one and only: Dora the Explorer. She would set out in the open on Nick Jr. to learn some important lessons and find treasure along with her trusty monkey companion, her talking backpack, and a pair of boots.

The most important opportunity viewers used to get back then was to interact with Dora. Ample opportunities were thrown at us as children to guess and figure out what exactly we need to solve and find answers to. However, this was a small-screen idea and this turning into a big-screen one was often joked about.

A CollegeHumor sketch also became popular in 2012 that depicted a live-action Dora who seemed to be surely grittier and darker than the five-year-old Dora we witnessed back then. This time, the character was played by Ariel Winter. In no time, the property received a big-screen adaptation opportunity and things finally fell into place in the form of 2019’s Dora and The Lost City of Gold.

Courtesy: Prime Video

The film was loved by many and grossed a total of $119 million worldwide at the box office with positive reviews. More importantly, the budget was much lower, a mere $49 million for a film which made big at the box office. Thus, we were quite certain of the fact that we would get to see yet another sequel on the big screens. 

However, there hasn’t been any green light emitted when it comes to Dora the Explorer 2. It took 19 long years for the show to adapt on big screens and come out as a fascinating character and this development would certainly pave the way for the sequel.


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