Everything you need to know about Pose Season 3

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It’s a shame that LGBTQ and AIDS is still considered to be a topic where people don’t wish to hold any further conversations. However, western cinema has come a long way over the years and these ideas or proposals seem to be discussed openly to a great extent. Bringing a similar story alive, you will soon witness the third season of the American Drama series Pose, which in itself is considered to be a taboo-breaking series.

The series is set in the late 1980’s as we saw in its first season, showing us the vivid lifestyle of New York. It did a great job in capturing the Latino ball culture scenes which was quite prevalent during those days in New York.

The second season accelerates the story but has a lot to offer to its audience. The AIDS epidemic was explored in detail in the second one. Moreover, the actors did a phenomenal job in their respective performances. The cast has a long list of high-profile actors such as Evan Peters playing the role of Stan Bowes and Kate Mara suiting in perfectly as Patty Bowes.

Stan’s wife’s role is played by Kate Mara and we also have Mj Rodriguez onboard as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista. She is believed to be the AIDS-infected trans in the series and more of it will be soon following up.

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Simon Dennis and Nelson Cragg are responsible for the cinematography of the series whereas the brilliant trio – Ryan Murphy, Steven Canals, and Brad Falchuk are together responsible of the score. The first season of the series was loved by the audience ever since it telecasted way back in 2018, on the 3rd of June. The second season then followed an exciting streak and premiered on June 11, 2019.

The American audience is eagerly waiting for the third and the final season of the series which is scheduled to drop on 2nd May 2021 on FX.


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