Famous People Who Did Not Complete College Education


    Are you wondering why you need to finish college or the basic question why should you go to college and complete all these endless custom research paper writing, assignments doing, and presentations making? These celebrities made it without finishing college. College is important, but the question is do you need it to become successful.

    However, everyone has their path, pace, and ways to achieve what they truly desire in their lives. It all comes down to you. Do you go to school because you want or you are studying because that is what your parents want?

    Parents always wish their children the best. It is because time is limited, and they won’t always watch out for their children. That is why when they are thinking about their children’s future and how they can secure it, the only thing that comes to their mind is getting a college degree. Which will help them secure a job, and this, in return, will secure their future.

    Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt is very popular and is the founder of the press and media. He is among the richest actors and earns more than $300 Million. Guess what! He didn’t finish college.


    She is the most famous female musician and the queen of pop music. She did not complete college, and she can brag about having a total of 343 awards.

    Lady Gaga

    She is a pop star musician who Madonna greatly influenced. Her unique style attracts a lot of people, especially the youth. She did not finish college, and that did not hinder her from becoming successful.

    Jennifer Lopez

    Popularly known as J. Lo. She also did not complete her college degree. She left after the 1st semester. She has a total of 195 awards.

    John Lennon

    John Lennon wanted to follow his dream and become a musician. That is how he left college and formed a music band called ‘The Beatles.’ He is famous and has become the best musician and has created an impact on all rock music.

    Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, yet he did not finish college.

    Stallone Sylvester

    Stallone has become successful even though he did not finish college. Growing up, he went through a lot of challenges, including his parents’ divorce. But despite these odds, he was set on achieving his goals and leaving his dreams of being an actor. And that is how he made it.

    Kanye West

    Also known as Kim Kardashian’s husband. They have been married, and they have four children. He is also among the famous people who did not finish college. He is not embarrassed about it to the extent that he has an album called’ The College Dropout’ He is among the most successful rappers of the past two decades. He has also won 21 Grammy awards.

    Bob Dylan

    After his 1st year, he left college and decided to move to New York to chase his dreams of becoming a musician. While in New York, he performed live. He is among the godfathers of blues.


    I hope these famous people have inspired you to never give up on your dreams even though you are in college. Dropping out of college may disappoint your parents but then following your dreams should also be your goal. Know where your success lies, is it in college or in following your dreams?


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