Fans call for Ray Fisher to continue as Cyborg


Although Ray Fisher declared war against Warner Bros, fans of the DCEU still love him as Cyborg.

Last year, Warner Bros. was in the eye of the storm. One of his great scandals was linked to Ray Fisher, the actor who played Cyborg in Justice League. After his confrontation with director Joss Whedon, Walter Hamada, and other executives, much was said about the actor’s permanence in the role. A few days ago a rumor circulated that Warner is testing for a new actor to take Ray Fisher’s place, however, the fans do not want that to happen and Zack Snyder joined the fight.

In July we all heard Ray Fisher’s statements about the top ranks of Warner Bros. Through his social networks, the actor shared some scandalous words regarding the treatment he had to endure at the hands of Joss Whedon and others during the League of League reshoots. Justice: “[Whedon’s] treatment on set with the Justice League cast and the crew was gross, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable. That allowed him, in many ways Geoff Johns and Jon Berg ”. Since then, the actor did not stop telling his experience through Twitter, and always received the support of fans and also members of the cast.

For its part, Warner Bros. remained largely silent, only conducting an investigation that would shed the culprits in the Ray Fisher accusations. Despite this, it seems that the studio no longer wishes to work with Fisher, nor does he with Walter Hamada.

The fans don’t want another actor

A few days ago, the journalist and Twitter influencer, Grace Randolph, was commissioned to spread a rumor about the possible replacement of Ray Fisher in Flashpoint, one of the following films of the DCEU that will focus on Barry Allen and other superheroes of great importance. The woman maintains that Andy Muschietti himself is in charge of finding the right actor, a possibility that has unleashed the madness on the Internet.

An image was released through Vero inviting fans to join in on January 6 with the hashtag #RayFisherIsOurCyborg (Ray Fisher is our Cyborg). The publications will begin at 6:14 in the morning in Los Angeles time, and in the same material, we can see the selected time for many other countries in the world. The photo was uploaded by user Jacob Torres and Zack Snyder gave it a Like, a fact that caused madness among his followers.


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