Fans Spot A Big Error In Casino Royale!


Martin Campbell, writer, and director of the movie Casino Royale, explain the mistake in the poker game scene.

Casino Royale was the first film that Daniel Craig played James Bond, the most famous secret agent in cinema. For this version, they showed the more modern and emotional side of Agent 007 early in his spy career. This was also the second 007 film that Martin Campbell directed, after 1995’s Goldeneye which featured Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

Casino Royale is a different kind of Bond movie, focusing less on giant sets and action sequences and more on generating tension and character arcs during a poker game. In a recent interview, director Martin Campbell revealed that there is an error in the final scene when Bond faces Le Chiffre ( Mads Mikkelsen ) and wins with a quiet and unassuming straight flush. The mistake, according to Campbell, is simple, and it occurs when Bond gives the poker dealer $500,000:

“I always laugh at the end when Bond gives the dealer half a million. It was fun for me, it’s not Bond’s money. ”

What is peculiar about this moment of the film?

At Casino Royale, James Bond joins the poker game to beat Le Chiffre and originally receives $ 10 million from the British government. He loses all that money on purpose to learn his opponent’s strategy and bluffing. Another player, CIA agent Felix Leiter ( Jeffrey Wright ), then lends James Bond another 5 million to get back into the game. After winning the final pot of $ 115 million, which did not belong to James Bond, he gifts a sum of $ 500,000 to the dealer at the table as a tip. This is a nice act and is normally seen at the gaming tables, but the probability that a government agent will actually tip someone with money that does not belong to them is minimal or nil.

Martin Campbell is quite pleased with the Casino Royale bug. Since he finds it funny every time he sees that scene because it doesn’t really matter in the context of the story and it’s not a continuity error.


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