Fast and Furious 9: New details about John Cena’s character


The fighter will play Jakob Toretto, Dom’s brother, with whom he has a great rivalry

One of the big delays in 2020 is “Fast and Furious 9”. The new installment of the popular action franchise had to be delayed due to the coronavirus, and it left us wanting to continue seeing the development of the family, as well as where the shots will go after the end of the eighth installment. Some details of this new installment are already known, such as that it will be the first time we travel to space in the saga of new characters that will arrive.

And of those new signings, the most important and mediatic is that of John Cena, whom we could already see doing his thing in the spectacular trailer of the film that was released a few months ago. Cena will play one of Dom’s brothers with whom he has a rather particular relationship. In fact, although it was already speculated that Cena’s character would be one of the film’s great obstacles, the actor himself has been in charge of confirming these rumors.

Speaking to Total Film, the magazine for which the film has been covered, John Cena highlighted some details about this new start in the “Fast and Furious” gear: “There is an old saying that says that blood is thicker than water For me, having four brothers, I can say that this has had great family fights. Here it will be a bit the same, we will leave the audience to decide who is the good guy and who is the bad guy this time. ”

Thus, the relationship between Dom and Jakob Toretto will be one of the great claims of the film. For now, we will have to wait until next year, specifically on May 28, with a film that aims to be a turning point in the saga


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