Fast & Furious 9: Toretto And Han Go Face To Face


Toretto, that is, Vin Diesel , has had a chat with EW. In the publication, which also shares a couple of new snapshots of the ninth installment of the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga, he had a few words about Helen Mirren’s work on the film, which has only created greater expectations: ” She can drive and she gets to drive smart . ” Will Mirren be seen “full throttle” too? It’s been a long wait for this latest chapter in the Fast & Furious saga, but now there seems to be one more incentive to see Mirren at the wheel.

As for the new stills, they also show Sung Kang’s long-awaited return as Han, seeking revenge for his “death” in 2006’s ‘Full throttle: Tokyo Race’, which doesn’t seem to be going well, based on visible tension. with Dom Toretto.

Diesel also poked fun at what Han’s rebirth meant for the entire franchise: “Han is a central character in this franchise. If you remember, he’s responsible for Dom Toretto’s years of absence. He’s the one who works with him in Mexico, He’s the only one who knows where Dom is, and in many ways he’s the bridge for Dom when he returns to Tokyo Drift. So there is something very special and magical about Han’s character. When you see the movie you will feel it, but I think In the end it is another testimony that not only do not turn your back on the family, but that you do not give up on the family. Without revealing the plot, that is the theme: do not give up on the family . “

Here’s the official synopsis for the ninth installment: Dominic Toretto and his team join forces to fight the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they have ever met – his abandoned brother.

The film will hit theaters in May 2021.


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