Flatbush Misdemeanors: Showtime Orders New Scripted Comedy Series

Comedy shows and series have been like life savers for all of us in times difficult like today. They have given us a new hope to enjoy life in a different way. In the hard times like today we can enjoy some part of our day watching such shows which brings jolliness in our moods. Showtime Orders comedy show is the best cure to our stress post work.


Showtime has asked Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman to make a new comedy series that has been titled “Flatbush Misdemeanors”. The production of the series will be done by Kevin and Dan only and both of them are also going star in the series. Showtime has right now asked for 10 episodes to be made for the new series and has said that they may make more seasons if the show gets a good reception. The announcement for the new series was made by Gary Levine and Jana Winograd, who are the Presidents of Entertainment at Showtime.

The series will focus on the lives of two friends who are trying to survive in the rough surroundings of Flatbush, Brooklyn. The two friends are smart, bold, and grounded to reality. They come up with unique ideas to survive in the locality and their stories will be something to watch out for.

Pretty soon you will be laughing at the witty and humorous situation that these new guys in the new show are going face. till then stay tuned.

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