Friends: How Matthew Perry Convinced Julia Roberts For A Cameo!


Years go by and one of the things we remember most about ‘Friends’ is the great cameos from various stars. Although above all the one of Brad Pitt hating the character of Jennifer Aniston stands out when in real life they were a couple, another unforgettable one is that of Julia Roberts.

The eternal Pretty Woman, in full ostentation of the title “the smile of America,” ​​appeared in the episode ‘The one with the Super Bowl’. In it, she seemed to have a crush on Chandler, the character of Matthew Perry, but just wanted to throwback an old high school joke.

One of the series’ creators, Kevin Bright, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the curious management of this unforgettable cameo:

Do you know the story of how we got Julia Roberts? Matthew Perry asked him to participate in the show. She replied, “Write me an article on quantum physics and I will.” I understand Matthew left, wrote a document, and faxed it to him the next day.

Marta Kauffman, also a co-creator, also remembered with emotion the Julia Roberts moment in ‘Friends’.

Getting Julia Roberts was incredibly exciting. We knew it would have just the right touch for the show. When he said yes, it was pretty amazing.

Alexa Junge, one of the writers of the series, went further and said that between those faxes and messages there was something more torrid than quantum physics.

Julia Roberts had been interested in Perry for a long time because he is charming. There was a lot of flirting in sending those faxes. She sent him those “Why should I go out with you?” Quizzes. Everyone in the writing room helps you answer that why.

Although we would like to end this news with they were happy and they ate partridges forever, we can only remember that Roberts and Perry were supposedly in a relationship after the recording of the episode, but it seems that it was as brief as the cameo.

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