Gal Gadot Will Have Her Own Wonder Woman Trilogy


Wonder Woman will be a trilogy. Warner Bros green-lit the third Amazon film with Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins.

Last week Wonder Woman 1984 was released. The second installment of the Amazon takes us to the 80s with new villains and adventures. Gal Gadot once again plays Diana Prince under the direction of Patty Jenkins. At the moment, the film has mixed reviews, the film has been liked by some and disenchanted by others. Also, Wonder Woman 1984 does not have a traditional premiere.

In the United States, Wonder Woman 1984 was released in theaters and in streaming almost simultaneously. It is thus the first Warner Bros film to inaugurate this model that will last throughout 2021. The model that did not convince the director Patty Jenkins and that put collaboration in the third installment at risk. For her part, actress Gal Gadot was not clear about her return if it was not under the direction of Jenkins.

But there is no need to worry anymore. Warner Bros officially announces that they are developing Wonder Woman 3. The film will feature the return of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Patty Jenkins as director. This installment will probably be the last of Wonder Woman and will close the superhero trilogy. Jenkins achieves her goal and achieves a theatrical release. This is announced by Toby Emmerich, president of Warner Bros.

“Fans around the world continue to welcome Diana Prince with open arms. Thanks to the great launch weekend for Wonder Woman 1984, we are delighted to continue with our Wonder Women – Gal and Patty – who will return to conclude the planned film trilogy. ”

Many chose to watch Wonder Woman 1984 from their homes. HBO Max announces that the film broke all release records. In addition, they report an increase in subscriptions and views since their launch. They expect these figures to last through the week. At the box office, the film has not done so badly either. Considering the landscape of American cinemas, the numbers are decent. A total of 16.7 million dollars in its first weekend, the best premiere of the era marked by the coronavirus.

With the third delivery confirmed, it only remains to wait. At the moment it does not have a release date, but it would be placed after other films already announced such as Black Adam or Shazam 2. In addition, Patty Jenkins will be busy before with the Cleopatra movie and her jump to Lucasfilm with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Gal Gadot commented in an interview with MTV News that the third installment would take place in the present. Patty Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly that she has two stories in mind to close the Wonder Woman arc.

“The story continues on film that he may or may not direct. I have two more stories that are part of completing this one. It’s all about women taking a step like women, in the most loving, kind, pure, and natural way. The goal is to make a difference in the world without having to change who you are ”.


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