Gangs of London revived for Season 2 already?


Hi Readers. Here we are with the updates on one of the British drama action TV series, Gangs of London that is produced by Pulse Films & Sister.

If you have seen the previous season, you must be aware that the show is based on the video game with the same name, however, the taste of storyline follows a struggle among rival gangs and other criminal companies in modern-day London.

But if you are new and planning to know watch the show right from the current season. Here we are with some previous season background for you.

To begin with, it will be interesting to know that listing down this season in your watchlist will surely be a good fun as the first season has nine episodes, and it aired in the UK in April 2020 on Sky Atlantic and the show holds a rating of 8.2/10.


Gangs of London, the crime thriller, explores the dark and ugly underworld side of London. The drama begins with the assassination of Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney), the head of an influential and powerful crime family, which creates chaos and leads to dangerous events further.

Chief among them is his surviving son, Sean (Joe Cole), who strives to prove himself as a new leader while also investigating who exactly commanded his father’s death.

The first season has nine episodes, and it aired in the UK in April 2020 on Sky Atlantic and the show holds a rating of 8.2/10.

The series is set in the heart of London and it narrates the story of how city life is disrupted due to the turbulent power struggle.

Gangs of London is believed to be the biggest launch of Atlantic Sky in the past five years and it is the most binge-watched series of the channel. After the release of Season 1, fans are expecting another season.

Premiering on Sky Atlantic in April this year, and starring Peaky Blinders favorite Joe Cole, the first run impressed viewers with its mixture of cinematic style and gripping storylines.

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Season 2 confirmation and release date

Gritty drama Gangs of London will return for a second run sometime in 2022. After the show’s popularity and the audience’s curiosity, it was announced in June 2020 that there will be a Season 2.

Season 2 confirmation on Star Cast:

Though there is no official announcement on the involvement of any new faces in the upcoming series. However, as per the response on the previous series overall performance, we are assuming that directors would not want to break the bond of audience with the existing star cast.

But at the same time, we understand that there is a lot that takes the entire planning to make the show successful. So hopefully, we will get more insights soon on the same.

Until then, stay tuned to know about the trailer of Gangs of London and for recent updates on latest TV shows/movies.

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