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The British action cum crime drama TV series ‘Gangs of London’ is produced by Pulse films & sisters. The story follows the plot of rivalry between and other criminal organisations in present day London. 

The 1st season had 9 episodes and received IMDb of 8.2/10 and now is coming for its second season. it’s release date, plot, storyline and all other details are about to unfold, just come with us and have a look.

Gangs of London Season 2: Release

Although the series has officially got a green signal for its second season, there are no other official updates regarding its release. Recently the second season of ‘Gangs of London’ came on cards and hence the shooting and all the other production work that takes place to complete a series had just begun. 

This further indicates that season 2 is not releasing very soon. You cannot expect it before late 2021 or early 2022 as you know completion of series takes time.

We know how much it sucks to wait for the renewal of our favourite series and then further wait for its release. So, we present you the link of 1st season of ‘Gangs of London’ that is streaming on Sky Atlantic. Click below and start watching.

Gangs of London: Season 2 Everything that we know about the upcoming second run of the series
Gangs of London: Season 2 Everything that we know about the upcoming second run of the series

Gangs of London Season 2: Other Updates

The maker of the series, Thomas Benski said that the circumstance during the arrival of the second season were not as terrible as they prompt during the lockdown. He further said that the next season is presently under the development.

Gareth Evans, the writer of the series was also seen stating in many reports that the team admire the ratings and response that the first season of ‘Gangs of London’ received from its viewers. He also added that it took them three years to make the first season and now the 2nd season will take much more time and efforts to release due to the worldwide situation of a pandemic. 

Gangs of London Season 2: Cast and Plot

Talking about the star cast, Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù as Elliot Finch, Paapa Essiedu as Alexander Dumani, Lucian Msamati as Ed Dumani, Philippa Bennett Warner as Shannon Dumani, Narges Rashidi as Lale , Asif Raza Mir s Asif Afridi, Orli Shuka as Luna Dushaj, and probably all the other characters will also return including some new faces with new roles.

The plot of season 2 will surely pic up from the finale episode of season 1 as it left many loose ends for the viewers. There will be some more twists and turns alongside which will be worth watching.


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