George Lucas Thinks Fans Don’t Understand Star Wars Prequel


Episodes I, II, and III did not receive the best reviews from fans and George Lucas believes that many lines were not understood.

In 1999, George Lucas decided it was time to show the world history before the original Star Wars movies. So he released a trilogy where he featured some new characters and others who already knew each other. But above all, we could see how Anakin Skywalker went from being a slave boy on Tatooine, who was trained by the Jedi who believed he was the Chosen One and who fell to the Dark Side of the Force and became the Sith Darth Vader.

George Lucas, speaking to author Paul Duncan at The Star Wars Archives, commented that many Star Wars fans simply don’t understand much of the dialogue in the prequel trilogy because it is so transparent. In specific reference to Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002), the filmmaker describes how various scenes. Particularly those between Anakin and Padmé, they were always presented “very honestly” and without being ironic at all.

George Lucas admits that some of the couple’s dialogue like “I’m haunted by the kiss you should never have given me” is “pretty cheesy. ” But he maintains the opinion that “everything is consistent, but with the general style of Star Wars.” “Most people don’t understand the style of Star Wars.” “They don’t understand that there is an underlying motif that looks a lot like a Saturday or western matinee series from the 1930s.”

The saga always has many unfavorable reviews.

It is curious that Star Wars of George Lucas is so dear that it causes much “hate”. Believe it or not, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) was widely criticized because its tone was too dark. That’s why Return of the Jedi (1983) had more childish moments with the Ewoks, something that did not quite like it either. While the prequel trilogy was massacred by Jar Jar Binks or the “cheesy” relationship between Anakin and Padme.

But the new trilogy has also had a lot of negative comments. Especially since Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) was a copy of A New Hope (1977). Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017) made no sense. But also Episode IX: The rise of Skywalker (2019) did not leave fans pleased. So maybe George Lucas is right and what they want is not always understood or perhaps the level of demand is so high that it is difficult to satisfy everyone.

But it is clear that Star Wars is hitting squarely with the series of The Mandalorian of Disney +, which George Lucas has been declared fan all. Hopefully, the next projects are so well received.


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