Ghost Rider: Nicolas Cage Could Return To Marvel Universe


According to Scooper Roger Norvell, Marvel Studios is desperate to bring Nicolas Cage back as Ghost Rider, a decade after he played the spirit of revenge. With 2007’s Ghost Rider opening just before Iron Man and the 2012 sequel dropping the same year as The Avengers, Sony’s movies compared less favorably to their MCU rivals at the time. Now, however, it appears that Nicolas Cage could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Johnny Blaze.

Norvell has stated on Twitter that the studio is eager to strike a deal with the actor to reprise as Johnny Blaze in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity., presumably as an alternate version in the multiverse. There are plenty of surprise comebacks on the way in Phase 4 as the MCU eventually expands to other universes, but Cage would certainly be one of the most shocking of all. And while we recommend taking this with the usual grain of salt, Norvell is far from the first insider to claim that the actor is up for a potential cameo. In the same tweet he also states that the introduction of Captain Britain is also very likely at this time and the names that could be made with the role include those of Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill and Hayley Atwell, this last choice would mean seeing the return of Peggy Carter. to the UCM, although doing so would presumably be an alternative version of his character.

Returning to Ghost Rider, Marvel’s interest in relaunching the character in the MCU in recent years is not new. Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes was preparing to continue his recurring role in Agents of SHIELD from his own TV series Hulu, but the project was canceled when Marvel Studios took over Marvel Television and Kevin Fig and company were not ready there. Working with an actor again.

This might not be the only ex-superhero role Cage will review in the next few years. It is said that DC also wants him back as Superman in the movie The Flash, which will also explore the multiverse. Despite being a lifelong comic book fan Nicolas Cage has never gotten what he deserves in the superhero movie world, but maybe that’s about to change now. and, probably, become to reform as Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

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