Glitch Techs Season 2: All The Amazing Facts Shared For The Upcoming Season


Basically, children love to watch animated TV series but sometimes young adults also get fascinated with the animated series. Yes, this time we are talking about an animated TV series named Glitch Techs which was recently watched by us. 

The genre of this animated series has an element of action and humor. 

The animated series is created by Dan Milano for Nickelodeon and worldwide distributed by Netflix. The series received favorable reviews from the critics and audiences for its genre depiction and reasonably graphics illustration. 

The series is rating remarkably 8 out of 10 on IMDb. After receiving great reviews season 2 is said to be renewed and will be released soon this month. 

So let’s roll ahead to know more about season 2 of the Glitch Tech ani series!

Plot We May Expect

In season 1, we saw that a group of peoples are secretly handling glitches where Glitch Techs use their logic to stop the glitches with their high-tech gadgets and cool costumes.

 In season 2, the Glitch Techs again debug the new coming deadly and horrifying monsters like glitches in their assigned adventures.

 So fans wait for a while to enjoy an amazing animated sequel because we are certain, this sequal is going to be a magic box of entertainment.


Considering the pattern of the start cast in all the series, we are expecting that the main characters reprising their roles who are Hector Five Nieves (Hi-5), Miko Kubota (Me-K.O.), Philo, BITT (Binary Intelligence Tech Trainer), Mitch Williams (No.1 Hinobi gamer), Senior Glitch Techs i.e. Haneesh, Zahra and Nix, Bergy (noob of Glitch Techs), Emma and Inspector 7 Bookworm Barbara. 

The old supporting and recurring characters may or may not make cameo or entry in season 2 whereas the new supporting and recurring characters can enter.

Let’s wait and watch for now!


The season 2 of Glitch Techs is said to be released initially on the 17 August 2020. But if because of the pandemic tension the season 2 may postpone in February 2021. Considering the same, stories are that the season 2 should get released in this month only.

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