Godzilla VS Kong: The Gigantic African Myth!


Let’s remember that this entire monstrous universe began with ‘ Godzilla ‘ (Gareth Edwards, 2014), the title that resurrected the most North American side of the Japanese lizard at the cost of seeing humans running, and continued with the superior ‘ Kong: Skull Island ‘ ( Jordan Vogt-Roberts, 2017), a true ode to fun with countless giant creatures, and ‘ Godzilla: King of the Monsters ‘, by a not too inspired Michael Dougherty in 2019.

Now, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have in their hands the fate of the most promising giant monster franchise in mainstream cinema with the true clash of the titans in ‘ Godzilla vs. Kong ‘, a film in which it seems that we will see some of the creatures that, for various reasons, were left out of the previous title.

The price of Toho brand monsters will not only proliferate MUTOs in the franchise, but will also make the writers collect cryptozoological beings from all corners of the globe to expand their mythology and, according to media such as ScreenRant, one of the new antagonists of the two Titular characters could be the mythical Mokèlé-mbèmbé, a legend on the shores of the Congo estuary who speak of a creature of variable description that could well resemble a sauropod that appears in the shape of a gigantic elephant.

In the not exactly vindicable ‘ Baby, the secret of a lost legend ‘ (Bill L. Norton, 1985) the issue was already addressed although, the true bone trackers, will know of the existence of this African fable thanks to ‘ More Dinosaurs ‘ (1985) that jewel with Gary Owens and Eric Boardman that, thanks to the fever unleashed by Spielberg, Filmax Video gave to Spain in the 90s.

Directed by the wildly unpredictable Adam Wingard, and with a cast that includes Kyle ChandlerJulian DennisonMillie Bobby BrownZhang Ziyi and Jessica Henwick, ‘ Godzilla vs. Kong ‘has the last release date of March 2021, at the same time in theaters and HBO Max in the United States.

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