Gold Or Bitcoin? Surge In The Time Of Inflation


People tend to invest in various assets such as a house, golds, share markets but the value of such assets is decided by the economy.

Gold is one of those assets on which many people invest in, however, since the shocking appearance of bitcoin ten years ago has shifted the interest of investment from gold to bitcoin.

Macroeconomic assets have been proving to be a successful asset in these trying times when the global economy is hanging by a thread. 

The value of gold has increased more than ever emphasizing its predictive significance in the time of tradition market failure.

An ounce of XAU values more than $1,900 which has caused an uproar in the minds of those who invested in such a macroeconomic asset as the overflowing surge of the price is predicted to be only increasing. 

However, a looming problem hangs over our heads as with such an explosion of the value of XAU, the question of bitcoin and its value remains somewhat uncertain.

Bitcoin was introduced to us with a promising outlook which helped many investors capitalize in the form of cryptocurrency with the mindset of ever-increasing usefulness. During the economic emergency in March, there was a surge in the value of bitcoin due to halving. 

The price shot up to $3,800 to over $9,000 but later shifted from $8,800 to $10,000.

Many CEOs who had invested in bitcoin have commented that the halving would increase the value which will surpass even $20,000.

Regardless of the surge of value for both assets, the difference between the amount seems to raise questions among the investors.

The sky-high price of gold is believed to be the reason for the fear of inflation.

People tend to stock golds fearing economic failure causing a surge in the value. Compared to gold, bitcoin’s market is a niche where people tend to invest in gold rather than on bitcoin after experiencing a downturn. 

Before the halving, bitcoin was considered as the safe-haven for investors for its ability to fulfilling each requirement of the investors.

Due to its tight trading system, asset saving via cryptocurrency is slowly advancing in the market where it could surpass the orthodox trend of trade as it is proving to be more efficient with a trading amount of  $16.2 billion.


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