Good Girls at their best

Good Girls at their best
Good Girls at their best

How many of you were good girls when you were young? We are good girls even now and yes, good boys too. Aren’t we? 

Oops Sorry! 

Yes, when we are into binge-watching a series, we don’t even bother to disturb anyone. That’s the good-spirited us. 


Yes, I know you will. 

Anyways, talks apart, here are some quick updates about the Good girls’ season 4, all that you need to know about the series. 


Crime comedy-drama has been successfully entertaining a large number of viewers for yours now and one such crime comedy-drama good girls have been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix, the third season was cut short due to this worldwide dilemma.

Good Girls at their best
Good Girls at their best

The return of the series was announced on the 15th of May this year and fans are to get it likely Sometime early next year. There’s no trailer yet for Good Girls 4th season, it is to come sometime soon.

A Jenna Bans creation, the first season of the series premiered on NBC back in February 2018.

A Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw production, the series gained immense love from the viewers and was renewed for a second and a third season. And finally, fans are overwhelmed to hear about the upcoming fourth installment. 

A Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mary Whitman, Reno Wilson, and Manny Montana starrer, the team has Lost Jewett, Mathew Lilland and others. Christina plays Beth, Retta, Ruby Hill and Mae portray Annie Marks.

The story follows up as three suburb Michigan mothers have a hard time to make ends meet.

They are tired as everything is taken away from them and the successful robbery sequence follows the fourth season is likely to finish the story that was planned for the ending of the third season and then will continue to keep up the tempo.

The cast says they’re damn excited and so are we! little can we do to hold our breath?


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