Great Pretender: Should Fans Expect a Season 3 of the Netflix Anime?


Great Pretender is an anime which premiered this August. This show was quite a hit and was soon renewed for the next season. The second season was released this November and the story seems to have come to an end.

You can watch the trailer of the show here-

What happened by the end of the second season?

In the start of the season we saw Edamura and the Confidence Man team up to complete the heist. By the end of the season, they succeeded!

Not only were they successful goal wise, they also grew personally. Many let go of a lot of baggage they were carrying and the character development was on point.

Laurent finally got over Dorothy and threw away her ring into the ocean. And in the epilogue we see Dorothy living with another foster family with no memory of Laurent. So we can be sure that their ship is still sailing!

Edamura has decided to travel the world and test all the coffee in the world as per Laurent’s advice. While Cynthia appears to have taken in a teen named Kawain.

Kudo and Shi-won are drinking their sorrows away in Seoul and Abbie is bouldering in Nevada. Everyone seems to have settled down overall.

You can watch the trailer of the second season here-

Will there be a third season?

Though there have not been any announcements regarding this, we can expect another one.

Though the second season seemed to have explained everything and gave the characters closure, it was still open-ended. Epilogue played a crucial role in this.

In that, we saw the actor being appointed as the next US President and Laurent is seen as one of his bodyguards. This has opened the possibility of another heist including him.

Let’s hope that we get another season!

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