Grey’s Anatomy series showed us how the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attending strive to balance personal and professional relationships. The series has received immense popularity, which spin-off Grey’s Anatomy as an action drama TV series named Station 19.

The station 19 series revolves around the story of the men and women who are firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19. 

Krista Vernoff has hinted a part of the plot in Station 19’s fourth season which has been renewed by the ABC network. Audience are eager to view some hints related to this fourth season.

Grey's Anatomy boss offers fresh hints about spin-off Station 19's fourth season
Grey’s Anatomy boss offers fresh hints about spin-off Station 19’s fourth season

In the third season of Station 19, we saw a dual the tragedy of Andy’s childhood best friend Ryan Tanner and her father Pruitt Herrera. Still, the climax scene showed us with a spine-chiller that Andy’s mother Elena is yet alive. 

Vernoff revealed that, when was speaking to TV Line, the twist in the fourth season is ironic. She also added that we still have a lighter and brighter season planned because of the pandemic hit. 

She even stated that the filming of the fourth season is all about great fun. She also revealed Andy and new husband Sullivan’s relationship that she is eagerly rooting for them both. It was one of the greatest ideas we had to keep Andy’s mother alive. 

There is so much complex of mysteries and doubts as why did her father tell her that her mother was dead. This all will be covered in the fourth season of the Station 19. 

The season 4 of Station 19 is going to be aired in the end of 2020. So, we are surely going to know all the mysteries which were stowed away in the third season. 

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