Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3: What The New Gamora Will Look Like!

Introducing the most dangerous woman in the galaxy … again.
In the comics, Thanos’s adopted daughter lived up to her reputation as the ‘most dangerous woman in the galaxy’, an aristocratic warrior who was not afraid to make sacrifices and with an unusual sexual belief.
Don’t get us wrong: Zoe Saldana’s version of this killer is very solid in the story and we have enjoyed seeing her as one of the foremost leaders of the Motive Cosmic team. But fans of the comic book Gamora have used her to develop the stories of her lover (Peter Quill) and her father (Thanos) to see her.
And ‘Avengers: Endgame’ brought her back after all the defeats, it was not Gamora who has been with us all these years, but a version from 2014 that is yet to reconnect with the rest of the team members. In the film’s final scenes, he quietly disappears after the great fight, serving as an emotionally unstable tool for Bad Quill.
It is no surprise that Marvel’s scriptwriters have once again been accused of ‘chilling’ the character by ignoring his statement without consequence. We did not allow Gamora to go back into history – one of the few actresses of color in the MCU, one of the superheroines played by Rang – it seemed as if they were saying that there was some merit about throwing out his story. Is not. One that has accumulated in many films.
So – now that the film industry is starting to rebuild after the COVID-19 hiatus – what future is the character waiting for?
Moving on with James Gunn with ‘Gunnions of the Galaxy 3’, the fear is that as he has to rebuild his relationship with the team, his bow will again be to serve someone else’s story, such For Hee Ho Quill, the newly appointed Thor or Adam Warlock.
On the other side of the coin, if Gunn plays his cards right, this could be what Saldana’s character’s version needs if he ever survives for his version on paper. What fans want to see is another story where Quill flirts with Gamora and Gamora takes time to be an integral part of her parents; It’s already happened and that’s it.
No, instead (we hope, oops) it may be that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ gives you the opportunity to showcase the incredible assassin that he is, the one who is going to be his own character in his own way Develops in location, fully formed along the arc.
Gamora has been both good and bad in the comics, and his biggest win was securing reality with Adam Warlock. And, as we saw in the final credits of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, it seems that Ayesha will be ready to land Warlock in a desperate attempt to destroy the team, meaning that the character appears somewhere within The story of ‘three schools’ is likely to give.
Perhaps teaming up with the antagonist is a new direction, whose arc could take into account the result from ‘Avengers: NAPS’. However, let’s just hope that Gunn has learned from his problem with Gamora and does not turn him into the corners of a love triangle with a cheater and Quill to ruin the occasion.


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