2ogether, a European Cryptocurrency trading platform was attacked by a group of unknown hackers in a cyber attack on July 31 2020 after four years of such hacking in the year 2016.In august 2016 1,20,000 Bit coin was stolen from wallets connected to Bitfinex after the hackers transferred around $12M.

In the last six days someone who had access to 119756 Bitcoin in 2016 has moved $12 million to unknown wallets from crypto exchange Bitfinex now. 

The tweets posted by Whale Alert on 3rd August states that the wallet addresses which are known to be one of the largest breaches have moved 620 Bitcoin which is roughly worth $7 million over 4 transactions. Nearly $5 million around 448 BTC was moved in a single transaction on July 29th

There has been recent movements of $39 million from the 27th and 28th on July and this makes approximately around $51 million in Bitcoin transferred over 17 transactions within a week.

The CEO of the crypto Firm Ramon Ferraz Estrada stated that the hack had affected the crypto investment accounts and the user passwords are being exposed though he adds that the Euro accounts and wallets are safe.

2gether has offered its customers its native 2GT token at a price which is almost equal to 5 cents each. The 2gether team will also attempt to provide extra funds to cover many remaining loss.

It is reported that despite the $51 million movement the hackers were bale to moved only 1 to 2% of the funds they had stolen. 

This indicates that the criminals might be having difficulties as new anti money laundering regulations are enforced.

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