Hailee Steinfeld Could Have Confirmed Her Hawkeye Participation


We still don’t know who will play Kate Bishop in the Marvel Studios and Disney + television series Hawkeye, but Hailee Steinfeld could have confirmed her participation in it on Instagram.

We’ve known for a while that Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld is Marvel Studios’ first choice to play the role of Kate Bishop in the Disney + series Hawkeye. However, her commitments to the Apple TV + series Dickinson seemed an impediment for the actress to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and take over from Clint Barton as Hawkeye.

However, Hailee Steinfeld has shared an Instagram post that has fans convinced that she will definitely star in the Disney + series. As you can see below, the actress has shared a photo of a woman, who bears a striking resemblance to Kate Bishop, along with “see you in 11 days, 24″

The actress turns 24 in 11 days, so apparently, this is just a reference to her upcoming birthday and her zodiac sign. However, the bow and arrow could also be a clue to his role in Hawkeye, so perhaps Steinfeld will start filming the Disney + series on the same day he celebrates his birthday.

We’ll have to wait for news, but as filming for the series is expected to begin in New York City in a matter of days, it probably won’t be long until it is officially confirmed who will play Kate Bishop at UCM. What do you think?


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