Hardwick’s Halloween Horror Spell

Hardwick’s Halloween Horror Spell
Hardwick’s Halloween Horror Spell

Hey fellas, turn your witch selves on and cast a horror spell to your days now. Yes, cause Very soon your watch list is going to have a horror movie’s name.

Paramount Pictures film has announced the trailer for the newest psychological horror- thriller ‘Spell’ having a wonderful cast starring, Omari Hardwick and Loretta Devine. The team also has The Sum of All Fears star John Beasley. 

The story follows as Hardwick while flying off to his father’s funeral in Appalachia, loses control of the plane in which he was flying as they were hit by a severe storm. He loses his senses and after awakening, he encounters Ms.

Eloise’s attic and gets trapped to her black magic. The movie then sees Hardwick portraying Marquis struggling to outwit and get himself and his family saved from the trap before the rise of the blood moon.

A Kurt Wimmer story and Mike Tonderai direction, this is a story with high voltage eeriness and intense fearful drama.

And dearest Horror movie buffs, get your excitement doubled as the premiere is ready to be on the digital platforms on the 30th of October.

And guess what, our Halloween celebrations will be enhanced by this add-on.

Do not forget to check the trailer. Keep telling us about your feelings too in our comment section


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