Harry Potter: 10 Creatures that movies didn’t show.

Harry Potter: 10 Creatures that movies didn’t show.
Harry Potter: 10 Creatures that movies didn’t show.

Harry Potter has been a major part of our lives throughout our span till now, helping us enjoy an adventure ride on the magic broom throughout its own world. we have made friends with a whole lot of characters, we also unfriended many. In short Harry Potter created a journey of a lifetime for all of us.

However, there is something that I wish to share with you all probably about which many of you are aware of and many of you aren’t. So, have a look.

Certain characters from the novels didn’t get a chance to be showcased in the shows, here’s a list of them all.

The cute and cuddly little creatures Nifflers are the first, they weren’t seen in the movie is previously, but the recent two fantastic beast movies made a way for them to be featured.

Their main feature is that they are able to sniff out the treasure from a distance and this makes them pretty bad pets. Bow truckles are other creatures having extremely sharp teeth and vicious claws, which also appeared in the fantastic beasts.

Harry Potter: 10 Creatures that movies didn’t show.
Harry Potter: 10 Creatures that movies didn’t show.

The harmless flobberworms found in the book, The Goblet of Fire is the next.

Harry and his Gryffonder peers found Hinkypunks in defense with the lessons of Professor Lupin. Doxies are mischievous creatures biting hard another unknown character of Rowling’s world.

Blast-ended skrewts found in the Goblet of fire are also in the list, they are a cross between Manticores and Fire Crabs. Sphinx is another one among them that Harry Potter fans are deprived of in the movie.

If you all only think that Hogwarts lake only has Mermaids and Grindylows, then I am sorry you are not aware of the Giant Squids, another of those creatures who didn’t get featured in the movies.

They are a threat! If you have read the Chamber of Secrets, you will know how Harry Potter had been welcomed by Ghoul of the Weasley family, have you seen Ghoul in the films?  Lastly, Poltergeist, amongst the many characters that the Harry Potter movies leave out, this mischievous and troublesome creature is one of them.

What say, guys, wouldn’t it be fun to see this creature too in the films?

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