Has Trevor Noah invested in Bitcoin?


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Today we will let you know weather Trevor Noah has invested in Bitcoin or not. So, keep on reading and keep on gaining knowledge.

Has Trevor Noah invested in Bitcoin?

Trevor Noah, the African born international comedian and show host is the fourth highest paid comedian in the world according to Forbes magazine. His net worth is estimated to be $30 million, in 2020.

Recently, many reports are circulating around, carrying the news that one of the biggest reasons for Trevor’s increasing net worth is his investments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin technologies.

Let’s have a deeper look into the matter to know more about it but just before that, let’s us brief you about what exactly is ‘Bitcoin’.

‘Bitcoin’ is a cryptocurrency which can be stored in digital wallet. It can be received and sent to other people through the digital wallet with every transaction getting recorded in a public list. Today, 1 bitcoin is worth 12,003.90 USD. Woah! That’s a big amount, isn’t it?

Well, getting back to Trevor, a thorough investigation was held to look into the matter and the results were out claiming that Trevor has never invested in ‘Bitcoin’.

There were so many rumours going on that Trevor Noah has retired from ‘The daily show’ which he has been hosting from quiet some time, and now has invested all of his wealth in ‘Bitcoin’. The recent investigation has proved all the allegations and rumours were wrong and Trevor has never bought or invested in any Bitcoin.

Ah, it feels so great when a rumour is proved wrong, even if that rumour wasn’t related with us, right?

Where did it all started?

Well now the biggest question related to Trevor is ‘How he got accused of having invested in Bitcoin? Who and why started this rumour against the comedian?

According to the reports, it was a clear case of misleading advertisement. The South Africans were getting fooled by the affiliated marketers in believing that since their favourite comedian has invested in Bitcoin, they should also advertise Bitcoin and invest in it to get rich.

We can say one thing for sure after looking at Noah’s case, that is, one should never invest in something big without knowing about the firm properly.

Investment in share market and cryptocurrency should be done with thorough investigation and not just because your favourite celebrity has invested in it or it can land you and your beloved celebrity into a big problem. Correct us if we are wrong.

So, readers, we not just updated you with Trevor’s false case of investing in Bitcoin but also to stay aware of all kinds of digital scamming and this case was useful and informing and so does this article, right?

We will be back soon to update you with all the current affairs, until then, maintain social distance, stay aware of the scams and also stay tuned to our channel.

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