Hasan Minhaj and his fans reaction to Patriot Act cancellation


Netflix has canceled Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act, and fans are not happy about it. Minhaj also took to his Twitter and thanked all his fans for watching the show. This Muslim presenter has a long way to go. Continue reading to find out more.

Hasan Minhaj’s reaction to the cancelation of the Patriot Act by Netflix

Netflix won’t renew the series for future seasons of the Patriot Act. Fans are urging the streaming giant to reconsider their decision and bring the comedy show back. Even some celebrities have voiced their disappointment after the series was canceled.

On August 18, Hasan, who is the host of the show, said that the show has come to an end and won’t return for a new season. He also thanked the viewers for watching the show. You can read his tweet below. In the entirety of Hollywood, the Patriot Act was the first weekly talk show hosted by an Indian American.

Viewers loved this show because it was innovative and mostly relatable to South Asians. There was no show similar to the Patriot Act, and viewers needed something like it. Recently, fans have also signed a petition to Netflix to bring back the show. They are urging all the viewers to sign it, and their target is seven thousand signatures.

Hasan Minhaj rose to fame after the Patriot Act

In 2019, Time magazine titled Hasan Minhaj as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. At that time, Trevor Noah, who is also a comedian praised Hasan Minhaj for his sincerity, charisma as well as whip-smart commentary in the show.

He also added that they needed his voice since Donald Trump won the elections, and targeted Muslims and Asian immigrants. His voice was very powerful, which not only reached the United States but also all over the globe. Patriot Act successfully ran for 6 seasons, and it has forty episodes in total.

The first season officially aired on October 28, 2018, and the previous season ended on June 28, 2020. In each episode, the Muslim host brought interesting news stories for the viewers from various parts of the world.

Why was The Patriot Act canceled by Netflix?

Sometimes, a platform cancels a show due to low viewership. If you are one of Netflix‘s subscribers, then you may know that Netflix never reveals any shows or movie details. They only do when the show is really good.

Some websites revealed that there is no specific reason declared by the platform in the cancelation of the series. Apart from that, a former staff member of The Patriot Act complained that the working environment of the show was unhealthy.

What is the reaction of the fans of the Patriot Act?

Many fans took to their Twitter and expressed their disappointment. Indian film director Kunal Kohli tweeted that he loved the series and all the topics Hasan covered in it. Many other users demanded the series to return. Even Soraya Nadia McDonald, a cultural critic, expressed her disappointment in canceling the show. You can read her tweet below.


Fans will miss this show, where Hasan tackled and covered all important topics and its significance for the Asian Americans. We will return soon with exciting news about your favorite celebrity. So stay tuned.

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