Hawkeye Already Has A Production Kickoff Date!


If these days we have been receiving small pills from the Avengers star, Jeremy Renner, about the imminent production of the Hawkeye series for Disney +, it seems that this already has a date to start filming.

We may not know who will end up playing Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, but we could be out of doubt soon, as filming is expected to begin in New York next week.

Like the Marvel Studios films, the Disney + television series that Kevin Feige and the company are working on have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a change in all filming and premiere schedules. However, it seems that the machinery has been put to work with the Ms. Marvel series currently filming in Atlanta, it seems that Hawkeye could be the next production to start filming.

As you can see below, posters have been placed in Brooklyn, New York, confirming that filming for the series will begin next week. This is a pleasant surprise, and depending on who is present on set, we could be expecting some very exciting reveals like who will finally bring Kate Bishop to life and if it is actress Hailee Steinfeld who will be sporting the Young Avenger costume.

However, with Jeremy Renner clearly busy preparing for Hawkeye, it is very possible that he is there. After all, Clint Barton was based in Brooklyn on the Matt Fraction character stage and it was there that the Avenger ended up crossing paths with the villainous Tracksuit mob.


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