Hawkeye: Every Actor And Character Revealed!


The series of Hawkeye continues its filming and the rest of the actors are announced that they will be joined by Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

The production of Hawkeye is already underway. And with it new details of the series of one of the original Avengers of the MCU. This week it was known that Hailee Steinfeld would be in charge of playing Kate Bishop. The actress was one of the most famous names but problems with other projects almost prevented her participation. The production will be extended for other months. Now it is revealed to the rest of the cast of Hawkeye.

The exclusive released by the Variety interview confirms a total of six new signings. Renner and Steinfeld are joined by Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh, Fran Fee Tony Dalton, Alaqua Cox, and Zahn McClarnon. The Variety report also specified what role the cast will play in Hawkeye. Vera Farmiga will play Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother. Fran Fee will be Kazi , probably a diminutive of Kazimierz Kazierzack, better known as the villain Clown.

On the other hand, Tony Dalton will play Jack / Jaques Duquesne. In the comics, Duquesne takes the name of Swordsman. An old Hawkeye mentor who has been both a hero and a villain. Florence Pugh will play the murderer Yelena Belova. Being his second appearance in the MCU after Black Widow. So it will be her connection with Natasha Romanoff that leads her to Clint Barton. Alaqua Cox makes her acting debut as Maya López, better known as Echo. Zahn McClarnon will play William Lopez, father of Maya and crazy Horse in the comics.

Shortly after Variety announced to the rest of the cast of Hawkeye, new images from the set were leaked. In this case the first look at Alaqua Cox’s Echo and Zahn McClarnon. In one of the videos posted by Murphy’s Multiverse, Cox can be seen practicing sign language and rehearsing for a scene. Echo has photographic reflection abilities, allowing him to copy the fighting style of other heroes. She is also deaf, which would reinforce the theory that Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton will also be deaf in the MCU.

Where does it stand on the MCU timeline?

Keep in mind that 5 years pass from the events of Infinity War to those of Endgame. The first movie to pick up this line was Spider-Man: Far From Home which is set in 2024. But The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is also expected to take place in 2023. And Black Widow will be a prequel to Infinity War. So it is difficult to place the new Marvel projects.


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