Hawkeye: Updates On Its Filming!


The Hawkeye series begins its recordings, Jeremy Renner will return to play Clint Barton and confirm Kate Bishop.

Disney + continues to develop its projects with Marvel Studios. In recent weeks the start of production of Ms. Marvel was announced. In addition, the first images of Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan were leaked. Now it is the turn of the Hawkeye series. Clint Burton will be another of the well-known characters of the MCU who will have his own Disney + project. Jeremy Renner will once again take on the role of the avenger and the first images of the set confirm Kate Bishop.

Jeremy Renner wanted to keep it a secret. The actor posted an image from the set on his social media. Thus announcing that he had begun the Hawkeye recordings. In addition to anticipating the appearance of Kate Bishop in the series with a message: “Miss Bishop … we need you!”. But the mystery did not last long. That same day, numerous images of the set were leaked. So we already know the style of the new Clint Burton. In addition to finally confirming that Hailee Steinfeld will be in charge of playing Kate Bishop in the MCU.

The news of Hailee Steinfeld’s signing in Hawkeye is not a surprise to many. After Disney + announced the development of the series, many wondered who would be Clint Burton’s partner. Steinfeld has been one of the biggest names ever since. The rumors resounded when the actress posted a post on her Instagram account earlier in the week confirming her role in the MCU. And although Marvel Studios has not announced anything officially, the photos of the set leaked by XReal Matthews confirm it for them.

In the leaked images we can see Steinfield and Renner on a subway platform. They are accompanied by a golden retriever. In the Hawkeye comics by Matt Fraction and David Aja, Clint Burton has a dog of this breed named Lucky. So it is likely that this is one of the many references that the series of these comics will take. Another noteworthy detail is that Jeremy Renner wears a hearing aid. That Clint Burton is practically deaf is a fairly well-known detail from the comics but has not been explored. in the MCU. So Marvel would have found the perfect opportunity to introduce it.

With the confirmation of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, it only remains to know how she meets Clint Barton. Bishop takes the title of Hawkeye when Barton disappears from the map and is believed to be dead. In the MCU it could become taking this title between the events of Infinity War and Endgame. When Clint loses his family and begins his vigilante period. But at the moment Disney has not confirmed and they are all speculations of the followers.

Hawkeye will be released in late 2021. At the moment, the closest Disney + project in collaboration with Disney + and that also starts phase 4 is Wandavisión. This opens on January 15.


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