Lisa Vanderpump, from famous unscripted TV drama Vanderpump Riles, is one of the famous people who stood up with Ellen DeGeneres in the kernel of statements.

This stated that her program is poisoning the work environment. 

Lisa Vanderpump seems to be in a tough time. Her restaurant was standing out as topical for a contentious exposition. Her difficulty has increased as she is involved in defending Ellen DeGeneres. 

What Lisa Vanderpump Said Defending Ellen DeGeneres 

The beginning of the conflict started when Buzzfeed News shared an article on 16th July by listing the charges claimed by the previous paradigmatic of the program.

 The article caused well known and non-known matters affirming a “Poisonous Workplace”. Lisa shared her emotions when fan pages head her befittingly for the situation. 

Lisa Vanderpump stated that she discovered him thrilling and added that she had a pleasant meeting with him. She also composed a strong reminder of her representatives after the distribution of the claims against Ellen and her television show. 


The restaurant owned by the star Villa Blanca has been shut and the reason stated is some real money related difficulty after going into the controversy. 

Everyone is waiting for a non-biased outcome for the situation and hoping for the best for them. Till then stay tuned with us and get all the updates regarding the controversy here. Enjoy reading. 

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