If you have just got to see a huge holly oaks anniversary episode, then don’t worry be happy, your eyes weren’t deceiving you. It just passes without any explosions or cast cull. It was a treat to the eyes of the E4 viewers who watched this long-running soap’s 25th anniversary. 

Therefore, October 21st was a treat for the fans in warmth and nostalgia rather than the normalcies. It needs to be accepted, following all the strict Covid guidelines, it is impossible to show great stunts on the show, therefore this was a better choice though back in July 2019, the teaser released for the 25th celebrations had a lot of stunts.

Holly oaks broke with tradition in Nostalgic 25th Anniversary.
Holly oaks broke with tradition in Nostalgic 25th Anniversary.

It is the shows tradition to give us the fans a jaw-dropping exclusive October since year 2012 when Enjoy the ride was a major success. 

The 25th episode was an original bliss for everyone. Kurt Benson rose from the grave to surprise everyone specially Tony.

Little Tom coming of age after getting engaged and so on. There was also an onscreen video sequence giving importance to every adult member of the show. 

Therefore, it was an episode full of nostalgia and it taught the fans how everyone sailed through thick and thin, dark nights and sunny days.

Indeed a great gift for the Holly oaks Fan club.

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