Hollyoaks – the twists coming up!

Hollyoaks – the twists coming up!
Hollyoaks – the twists coming up!

Hi Guys! Back with the sweet and sour pickles of the showbiz world.

In your favorite show Holly oaks, after all the disappointment of fans with the sudden exit of Aedan playing Ollie, the production house is up with some crazy twists’ in the show and the spoilers are successfully doubling up the viewers craze for the show.

Each and every character is into something or the other and the story is thus left open for you lovelies to decipher.

First bouncer comes from the house, where they leave fans all eyes on the show by putting a curve in Nancy and Darren’s tale. Nancy is disheartened as the day of Kyle’s funeral arrives. She agreeably takes over the tribute reading for Nancy from Brooke. While reading the piece out which is all about honesty, she glares straight at Darren. Nancy knows how Darren wanted to take his life earlier and wants him to open up to all.

What say, guys? Will Darren accept Nancy’s call? 

In the second bouncer, Warren breaks into Toby and Celeste’s house to target Felix for revenge.

Yass! You heard it right! Revenge! 

He accused Felix of bullying him since childhood.

Third, Scott is very disappointed on hearing about Kyle’s unnatural death. He reflects over his psyche and shares how his relationship with Mitchell has become a reason for his happiness.

Woo-hoo! The story seems to be covering all threads…sadness, revenge, romance.

Guess what, in a fourth move, warren gets another blast from the past. It’s a shocker for him, Comac informs that Felix has been making allegations against him.

Another good news is, Mitchell and Scott are to get hitched and there’s a surprise plan for audiences made by the couple to trick Walter to the ceremony.

Hahahaha! Walter thought he wouldn’t come!

The sixth spoiler alert is that Lisa bags herself a job in Holly oaks. And Grace joins her in the celebrations. Its Champagne Night for them!

And finally, Darren seeks expert help for he is unable to bear the ill-treatment from everyone around him. This is not fair!

So, guys, are you feeling the heat that the audiences gonna experience in the upcoming week.

So better don’t miss the following episodes else you will have to carb your own stories out there, sadly.

Happy watching!

Stay tuned for more! 


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