Hope: Everything You Should Know About Oscar Nominated Film

What happens to love when a middle-aged woman is expected to live three months? Anja and Tomas live as a family with their biological children and honorable children, but the couple divorced year after year. When Anja was diagnosed with brain cancer, her life is shattered and her neglected love is put to the test.

On January 22, Adso Films will hit theaters, ‘Hope’ a film based on the personal story of its director Maria Sødahl. The film, nominated for the Oscars for Norway, stars Golden Globe winner Stellan Skarsgard ( Breaking the Waves, Melancholy, Chernobyl ) and Andrea Bræin Hovig , nominated for best actress at the 2020 European Film Awards .

Born in 1965, Sødahl graduated in cinematography from the Danish Film School. After several short films and documentaries, he made his feature film debut (with his own script) with Limbo in 2010. ‘Hope’, his second film, was presented at the Toronto Film Festival and has also gone through the Panorama section of the Berlinale, where it won the Europa Cinemas Label Award.


Anja and Thomas, principals of Moving Hope, embellished their careers in dance and theater. Their combined family structure is complex, with two young boys and a teenage girl from their own union and two adult children from Tomas’ marriage. Returning to the country after her international debut in winning ballet under her direction, Anja finds that Thomas is working late, a lack of responsibility in her eyes. Her doctor then diagnosed her with a horrible condition: she has a disabling tumor that may be related to lung cancer that she successfully treated for the past year. A longtime Superman, often absent and replacing workaholic husband Anja Soldiers, refused to say what he was going to say to anyone but Thomas – and at times became enraged at his child’s support of Thomas. The next few days will test the strength of their relationship …

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