How to grow a tutoring business successfully?


    The coronavirus has undoubtedly opened new opportunities for online tutoring and given a great boost to the industry. While online tutoring existed even before the pandemic, it is during this time that edTech businesses of all sizes widely adopted it. 

    If you are one of the online educators who own a tutoring business and want to scale it, you have landed at the right place. 

    So let’s get started with what you need to know to grow your tutoring business:

    Hike your tutoring rates

    Once you have grown to a level where you have experience by taking more classes, make sure to increase your hourly rate to secure a stable income. By doing this, you will eventually grow your tutoring business as you will have a large pool of learners. 

    But never hike your tutoring rates with your existing learner base unless you really need to. Because this might create tension in the relationship between you and your students. 

    Deliver quality-level classes

    No matter how hard you try, your tutoring business isn’t going to grow if you aren’t delivering great lessons. Make sure you increase the quality of your classes so that the first impression of your learners is great and they will love your lessons. This will also help you get more referrals through your quality content and impressive approach toward online education.

    Make it simple for people to contact you

    To get more enrolments for your online classes, you must make it simple for your target audience to reach out to you. If you have a tutoring website, ensure the scheduling process is simple, and the button works every time. 

    Give your phone number and email address on your website, and make sure you place it in the right section to catch your website visitors’ attention. Be it your social pages or profile listing in google, pass a link to your website so that students can get a feel of your qualifications, experience, or your portfolio in general.

    Ask your students for a reference

    The students you have already taught are your best advocates when it comes to popularizing your services. Ask them to leave a review after completing your class or give a written reference or testimonial you can pass on to other students and parents. 

    Use social media to broaden your reach

    Social media is a great way to reach out to a broad reach as most people are on social media. This will help you drive learners to your profile and help you promote yourself quickly. 

    Make sure you post regularly so that it gives a feeling that you are seeking learners and are happy to help new students.

    Follow old-fashioned advertising

    Along with popularizing yourself on social media, make sure you use word-of-mouth referrals and list yourself on Google and other online directories. This might be time-consuming, but it can certainly help you get more students. 

    You must also invest in paid advertising which can be expensive but will give you great results in a short time. You can also talk to your peers and ask them to give you referrals if they have contracted with parents who are looking for online tutors.

    Build your own tutoring website

    Most online tutors start out by tutoring on platforms like Udemy or other tutoring companies to start their careers. This is because starting a tutoring website of your own is an expensive affair and involves tech-related stuff. As not everyone is tech-savvy, most online tutors try building their careers without having a tutoring website of their own. However, building your own website is the best thing you can do if you are trying to grow your tutoring business. But how? 

    The simplest yet efficient approach is to use online tutoring software to set up a platform to schedule your online classes, host online courses, process payments, and simplifies the entire process. Use tutoring software like Pinlearn, with features like whiteboard integration, 100% customization, secure payment processing, and much more. An online tutoring website dramatically increases the chances that your target audience will take action and enroll in your classes.

    Tips to follow to grow your tutoring business

    Here are some other steps to successfully grow your online tutoring business. 

    Advertise at the right times

    Online tutoring (especially tuition-based) relies on specific academic years and exam periods. If you are an online educator who is free only in summer to teach, you might struggle to attract a large number of learners as this is one of the quietest seasons. September to January are the peak and busy periods, with exams in May and June making it the right time to invest your time in online tutoring. 

    Edit your tutoring profile

    If you will you are not receiving inquiries as you did before, try editing your tutoring profile. Edit your introductory video or create one if you don’t have one already. 

    Give a block booking discount

    Give booking discounts to learners who book a block of lessons or a couple of classes. 

    Reduce your price

    Reducing your price works only if you do it the right way. If you struggle to see growth in your students, try reducing your cost or hiking the price and giving great discounts at least to give the feel of offering a reduced price to your students. 

    Be market savvy

    Keep in mind that you need a smart and executable business if you are starting a new business or trying to attract more students; make sure you have an established social media presence and you perform marketing activities consistently. 

    Find the right type of investing

    Create the most suitable funding model for your edTech business. Focus on creating a track record to attract investors to your business. 


    Online tutoring business is a long-term commitment; it takes a lot of hard work to build, grow, and maintain. Investing in good online tutoring software can simplify the entire task and focus on growing your tutoring business. Follow the tips discussed here so that you can grow a tutoring business successfully.


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