How To Register Your Company In China For A Textile Business


    China is known as the factory of the world. Probably there are no nooks and corners of the earth left in the world where Chinese goods have not reached. They are known to provide quality goods at low prices. Among the major sectors, textile is one of them. Here in China are great opportunities in business. The land turns out to be one of the places for massive foreign investment, thanks to government policies.

    Do you want to register your company in China?

    This is indeed a very good idea if you are doing it. But you need to follow certain steps to do it. So let us try to understand them here in this section.

    How To Register Your Company In China For The Textile Industry? 

    China is number 1 in the textile industry. It has the largest textile industry in the world in terms of overall production. It produces 58 million tons of cloth. In addition, it exports a monetary value of $316 billion

    This is one-third of the global shipments. Now, these are gigantic figures. Therefore investors really have a great time investing in China. Do you want to register your company? Here are certain things to follow:

    1. Select An Agency 

    The process of company registration in China is quite complex. Entrepreneurs need to prepare the necessary papers so that they get the required permissions. You need to know the interpretation of the company laws there. It’s better that you take the help of some professional experts who have quite a good knowledge of the registration laws in China.

    2. Apply For Name 

    When you want to register your textile company in China, you need to apply for a business name. For this, you need to get the approval of your name from the Administration of Industry and Commerce. Now the name that you use has to be the same as the one which already exists. Now only need to get the name approved through the State Administration for market regulation.

    3. Approval Of Certificates

    There are different licenses and certificates that you need to procure in China. These licenses and certificates carry forward your process of registering your company in the land of opportunities.

    There are government officials that can help you out with your investments. But you need to take help from the private players. Only then can you make a huge difference in the business. The State Administer of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce are the two places where you have to get all the required approvals. So for your new textile business in China, you have to get the necessary safeguarding. These help in all different ways.

    4. Choose Company Scope 

    The government of the People’s Republic of China has categorized business in general into different sectors. There is a catalog for the guidance of Foreign Investment. You will have to select a textile. There are dedicated websites where you will be able to know the scope of business. Now that you want to open a textile business in China, you will be supported heavily by the Chinese administration. This is definitely one of the requirements that you have to open a textile industry in China.

    5. Applying For The Licenses

    When you have the certificates of approval, you will have to apply for the required additional licenses. These licenses vary from one sector to the other. Now that you are registering for the textile business in China. Of Course, it will not be the same with manufacturing.

    To facilitate the application for the licenses, the government in China has gone for five-in-one filing. This filing includes registration certificates, social security registration certificates, statistical registration certificates, tax registration certificates, and organization registration certificates.

    Bringing The Discussion To A Close

    It could be understood that China is a great place to register your trade. The Chinese economy is growing at a steady pace.

    Here it needs to be mentioned that even the International trade war between China and the USA has not stopped the growth of industries in China. You need to follow the norms and regulations so that you can register your textile company there.


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