HUNTERS – SEASON 2 Everything you need to know about it!


Hunters is an American television drama based on 1997, New York City, which is inspired by some real Nazi hunters. It talks about a band of Nazi hunters who found out that Nazi war criminals were trying to create a Fourth Reich in the United States. Created by David Weil, It premiered on February 21, 2020, on the OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video.

Quick Glimpse of Season 1:

Ruth, grandmother of the main character of the story, Jonah, was murdered in the first episode of the series, by an unknown murderer.  A friend of Jonha tells him abouts the Nazis and how U.S is filled by it’s agents. Jonha then joins a secret organisation willing to root out the Nazi infiltrator.


According to its viewers, the show is extremely violent and aggressive which makes it one of its kind and is also the main reason why the audience is liking it very much.  According to the audience, the show was more like a comic book and had them clutched to their screens for the type of content it offered. 

The show also portrayed an atonally weighty mythology of Holocaust survival. According to some, Hunters is the heavily ironic show we all deserve because of the right-wing extremism which is on the rise.

HUNTERS – SEASON 2 Everything you need to know about it!

Star cast of seasons 2:

Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum, Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris, Lena Olin as The Colonel, Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz, Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz will be there in the season 2 of Hunters along with some more old characters.

A few new and exciting characters will also be introduced in this season. We are still unsure about Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman will be there in season 2 or not. Looks like we still have to wait for the new episodes to find it out.

Plot of season 2 :

Hearing it from the makers of the show, we are expecting that the second season will begin from exactly where the season one ended i.e. clashes between Jonah’s Hunters and Millie’s task force. Viewers are also expecting to see Adolf Hitlers’s surprise cameo which they saw in season 1’s finale to continue in season 2 as well. Do you think the plot of season 2 will be as interesting as the previous season?

When to expect the release?

The makers of the show have not yet confirmed the release date of the second season of the show. With everything that’s happening around, it is difficult to say when the new episodes of the series will be out but the fans and audience are hopeful that another season of Hunters will be realized soon on Amazon Prime. 

With such a great response for season 1, do you think makers will surprise their fans soon with another season?

Watch out this space to know more.

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