Hunters: Who Is Logan Lerman?


Al Pacino and Logan Lerman starred in the recent Amazon Prime Video series ‘ Hunters ‘ but who is Logan Lerman? What does his face sound like to you?

Logan Wade Lerman (born January 19, 1992, in Beverly Hills, California) is an American actor best known for his role in Percy Jackson’s fantasy and adventure films. By age 4, he was already working as an actor in commercials.

Lerman had a passion for movies from an early age, although he started acting “just for fun” and “doing something to get out of school.” His first film role was in Mel Gibson’s son “The Patriot”.

But world recognition came with the Percy Jackson saga. He played the hero twice: ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ (Chris Columbus, 2010) and in ‘Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters’ (Thor Freudenthal, 2013).

In this saga, he met Alexandra Daddario, with whom he had a relationship for two years.

His most recognized film so far is ‘The Perks of Being an Outcast’ (Stephen Chbosky, 2012), in which he plays Charlie, a shy and introverted boy. Share the limelight with Ezra Miller and Emma Watson.

He was considered to play Spider-Man in the films that Sony made under the name of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and that ended up starring Andrew Garfield.

In 2014 he won the Best New Actor Award at the Cannes International Film Festival.

He stars alongside Al Pacino in the series ‘Hunters’, a conspiracy thriller set in the late 1970s, in which a group of Nazi hunters organizes to avoid the Fourth Reich in the United States.

In 2020, Logan Lerman reverted to television with the series Hunters. He is currently about to release the horror-thriller ‘Shirley’ (Josephine Decker, 2020) alongside Elizabeth Moss.

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