Is Dark Crystal Season 2 on the way?

Is Dark Crystal Season 2 on the way?
Is Dark Crystal Season 2 on the way?

The whole fandom was waiting for the release of “ Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance “  at the end of August 2019 and was really disappointed by the decision by the makers to drop the part.

Fortunately, the series was later made available to stream on Netflix. The season 1 ended with complete rebellion making fans yearning for the season 2.

The rating can’t be told for sure, as Netflix doesn’t usually display the ratings of individual shows, and doesn’t confirm renewals at least until four weeks after the launch.

Season 2 is expected to be hit the screen this year, or the next year as decided by the makers. Season 1 is a prequel to the 1982 movie with which it shares the name; it shows three Golfing who have discovered a secret about their overlords, the Skeksis.

Is Dark Crystal Season 2 on the way?
Is Dark Crystal Season 2 on the way?

The second season is therefore expected to follow the rebellion by the Geldings, ultimately piecing together the elements of the original.

Elements of interest such as the war of Gartjo and the Wall of Destiny have not been fully addressed in the first season, so speculations are there that the second season will be rich in plot and elements.

The first season has shown to divulge from the original plotline, hence we can expect the same from the second season. 

The makers haven’t clearly declared anything yet, but have given subtle hints of something cooking behind the scenes, with the mentions of stories that are being worked upon related to the characters in the show.

After all it’s an epic saga, so the viewers can expect a whole world of fantasy waiting to be revealed in the coming seasons.


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