Is Henry Cavill Too Popular To Play James Bond

After The Upcoming Movie, No Time To Die, Tom Hardy To Put Back Daniel Craig As MI6 Agent James Bond
After The Upcoming Movie, No Time To Die, Tom Hardy To Put Back Daniel Craig As MI6 Agent James Bond

An expert on the character claims that Henry Cavill is too well known to play the British secret agent. Is fame really an impediment?

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As we wait for ‘ No Time to Die ‘ to (finally) land on the billboard, the debate over who the new James Bond should be continued. We know that Cary Fukunaga’s film will introduce a new 007, who will be an agent played by Lashana Lynch, but the actress has already made it clear that this does not mean that she is the replacement for the mythical character, she will not be a Bond. Thus, the conversations continue with a table full of names: Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, Tom Hardy … But they all share something that, apparently, could be a disadvantage: they are too famous.

This is stated by an expert on the character created by Ian Fleming, who holds the theory that the new James Bond will not be played by a world-renowned actor. Dr. Ian Kinane, an editor of the International Journal of Studies on James Bond, says the successor Daniel Craig in the role could not be someone like Cavill, current Superman in the DC Comics universe and Geralt of Rivia in ‘ The Witcher ‘ on Netflix. “Too famous,” he assures the newspaper Express, where he has also ruled out that Elba (a regular in Hollywood franchises) or Hardy (the star of ‘Venom’) could be candidates to take into account.

By that rule, Kinane is targeting an actor who, while also widely known (and from a very young age), could perfectly fit his standards for a new James Bond: Jamie Bell. Although his reasoning is quite different. “It is a good choice because he acted in a film called ‘Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool’, which was produced by Barbara Broccoli, ” says the expert, recalling that Broccoli has been working on the James Bond franchise for 17 years and is one of the producers of the next ‘No time to die’. “And he’s the right age, the same age Daniel Craig took on the role, so there’s potential there,” Kinane says.

Depending on his rule of fame and age, other names such as James Norton (who already became ‘Bondian’ in the series ‘McMafia’) or Henry Golding (seen in ‘Last Christmas’) could fit the role. In addition, both are in what, according to Kinane, is the correct age: halfway between 30 and 40. Precisely that would rule out one of the most recent names who have signed up for this race: Paul Mescal, the protagonist of the series ‘Normal people’ , who is barely 24 years old.

We will have to wait to know if Kinane is right or not, in terms of celebrity levels and age range. He’s certainly an expert on the subject, and perhaps that’s why Bell should move up our betting list. For the moment, we are left with the intrigue and hoping, for the sheer pleasure of surprise, that the choice is the most unexpected possible.


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