James Gunn Confirms Suicide Squad Spin-Off


James Gunn has not yet released his version of ‘Suicide Squad’ but is already shooting a series about the character of John Cena.

James Gunn has managed to be recognized for his sense of humor, his hooligan personality, and his personality and yet still has the two major superhero film production companies fighting over him. He has yet to deliver the third part of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for Marvel and his version of ‘The Suicide Squad’ for DC. However, it seems that he has already embarked on another project, and has even started filming.

It is nothing less than a series about Peacemaker, the character played by ex-fighter John Cena in ‘The Suicide Squad’. In development for HBO, where the film will also open in the United States on the same day it hits theaters, Gunn has announced the start of filming on his Instagram.

5 months ago while I was in quarantine, I was almost done editing #TheSuicideSquad and had just delivered a draft of # GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol3 and was waiting for a response. Normally, I would try to take a break during this time and go on vacation. But with the Covid that was not happening. So since I had nothing else to do, I started writing a TV series, mostly for fun, as I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. I wrote a full first season in 8 weeks. And now, here I am in my trailer, the first day of shooting. Life is surreal. Come on (for sure!) “.

Cena has described his character as a kind of “idiot Captain America”, one who seeks world peace by killing everyone he finds. Of course, the series will be, to say the least, fun. Of course, we do not believe that it will arrive before 2022.

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