James Gunn Has Ideas For Crazy Marvel/DC Crossovers


James Gunn’s crazy Marvel / DC Comics crossover.

Director James Gunn is one of the few who has directed Marvel and DC Comics films, so he wants to put together some of his characters.

James Gunn has been in charge of two installments of Guardians of the Galaxy and will make the third in the coming years and also in 2021 he will premiere the Suicide Squad. So you’ve already worked on Marvel and DC Comics, the two biggest movie franchises based on comic book characters.

He is also specializing in creating CGI beings with a lot of personality like Groot, Rocket or King Shark, and Weasel, which we have not been able to see yet but will surely shock the audience when Suicide Squad is released. In fact, when asked by a fan on social media which characters he would pick for an epic crossover between Marvel and DC Comics, James Gunn picked these 4. Which would be crazy to see. As a team made up of a tree, a shark, a raccoon, and a weasel, they are sure to have many adventures to experience.

For now, a Gunnverso is impossible.

A Marvel / DC Comics crossover movie is incredibly unlikely, and James Gunn knows it. There have been a few instances in the comics where the superheroes and supervillains from these two major publishing groups have met, but it is doubtful whether Disney and Warner Bros will reach a commercial agreement. Although right now you are both experimenting with the “multiverse” so anything could happen.

In addition, recently it was thought to be impossible for X-Men os Fantastic Four returned to Marvel Studios and Disney bought it when FOX brought them back. In addition, Warner Bros has gone through bad times and it was even speculated that they could be absorbed by Disney, although the antitrust laws of the United States would probably prohibit that. So for now, we will have to enjoy the James Gunn characters separately.


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